What is the Chase saver with a boosted rate?

Important information

Our limited offer of a boosted rate on the Chase saver account – launched on 8 April 2024 – has now come to an end. This means no new Chase saver with a boosted rate account can be opened under this offer. You can still open a Chase saver account and earn 4.1% AER (variable) on top of any money you put aside.

If you already have the 1% AER boost, you'll have it until 4 November 2024.

What is the Chase saver with a boosted rate?

The Chase saver with a boosted rate is functionally the same as a standard Chase saver account. However, it includes a 1% AER boost added on top of the Chase saver rate, which is currently 4.1% AER (variable). This added boost will run until 4 November 2024.  

You can have up to 10 saver accounts with us at any one time – but only 1 can have a boosted rate. You can also take your money out anytime or watch it all add up. Limits apply.

What's the interest rate on the account?

The interest rate for the standard Chase saver account is currently 4.1% AER (variable, 4.02% gross), calculated every day and paid every month.

Your interest rate with the boost will be 5.1% AER (variable), calculated daily and paid monthly until 4 November 2024. After this date, the interest rate will change to the standard interest rate for the Chase saver account. We'll let you know when this is about to happen.

Can the interest rate change?

The boosted rate includes a bonus of 1% AER (fixed) on top of our standard Chase saver rate. However, we can change the standard Chase saver rate for one of the reasons in our General Account Terms & Conditions. This change will affect the overall rate, but the boost stays fixed. 

Just so you know, from 13 May 2024 our Chase saver rate will be tied to the Bank of England base rate. This means 5 business days after the Bank of England rate changes, the AER of your saver will also change to 1.15% below theirs. For more info about our saver rates, see our interest rates page.

What would the estimated balance be after 6 and 18 months, based on a £1,000 deposit?

If you put in £1,000 on the first day you open the account, with the boosted rate of 5.1% AER, you'll have a total balance of £1,025.18 after 6 months.

After 18 months (including the initial six months on the boost), you’ll have a total balance £1,067.22 including your interest.

These figures assume that nothing changes (including the standard Chase saver rate).

How can I get the Chase saver with a boosted rate?

If you're eligible for the Chase saver with a boosted rate, you'll see an option to open it in the Chase app, from 'Save & Invest'.

From time to time we run offers that are available to customers at different points in their relationship with Chase. The Chase saver with a boosted rate is a limited offer that isn't available to everyone right now. For more info on the eligibility for this offer, check out the Chase saver with boosted a rate T&Cs.