Finding my card and account details

As your debit card is numberless, your card details for things like online shopping are all stored in the app. Open the app then tap 'See card' on Home. You'll find your card details under 'See details'. 

Returns and collections

To help keep your account secure, in-store payments use a different set of card details to the in-app details you use to spend online.

So if you're returning or collecting something and are asked for a card number, find the transaction in the app, tap on it and scroll to 'Card ending with'. Most places should only need to see the last 4 digits.

If you're buying tickets online, we recommend choosing e-tickets rather than collection if possible.

If you do choose to collect your tickets and want to print them from a machine, you'll need to use the booking reference. You can also collect by showing your in-app card details at a kiosk.

Finding my account details

You'll find all your accounts on 'Home'.  Tap the 3 dots next to the account name to see your account details on the sheet that appears. Then tap 'Get account details' to easily share or copy them.

You can tap the account name on 'Home' to see your account. You'll find your account number and sort code at the top of this page too.

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