Info for Third-Party Providers (TPPs)

Here's where you'll find information about our Dedicated Interface and our summary documentation – plus how to get in touch with us.

A quick overview

As per UK Payment Services Regulations 2017, we offer a Dedicated Interface that enables authorised TPPs to access Chase UK accounts accounts for the provision of:

  • Account Information Services (AIS)
  • Payment Initiation Services (PIS)
  • Card-Based Payment Instrument Issuing Services (CBPIIS)



Our sandbox allows authorised and prospective TPPs to perform integration, connectivity, and functionality testing in a safe environment for various scenarios.

Access to our Sandbox can be found at: (Opens in new window)

Account Information Services

Our AIS APIs provide you with the details of an individual's accounts, balances, and transactions. And our scheduled payments API allows you to retrieve scheduled payment instructions – including standing orders.

Payment Initiation Services

Our PIS APIs allow for the creation of a request for single immediate payments, future-dated payments, and standing orders to UK bank accounts.

Confirmation of Funds

This API allows you to perform fund confirmation checks for a customer's account.

Authorised and registered TPPs

Our Dedicated Interface is available to TPPs who are authorised or registered in the UK by the FCA This also includes those who are EEA-based TPPs permitted to operate in the UK under the Temporary Permissions Regime (TPR).

For identification purposes, you'll need to provide us with one of the following:

  • A valid eIDAS QWAC certificate
  • A valid OBWAC, issued by the Open Banking Certificate Authority

Just so you know, prospective TPPs can only access the specs and sandbox.

Want to get in touch?

If you'd like to offer your services to our customers, let's talk.

You can reach us at and we'll go from there.

Summary documentation

Want to know more about our Dedicated Interface? You can download our summary documentation here: Dedicated Interface, summary documentation. PDF (Opens in new window)