Switching to Chase

You can now use the Current Account Switch Service (CASS) to switch your bank account to Chase. We'll move your money and your payments to your Chase account. The switch will take seven working days and you can choose any date that works for you, up to 30 days ahead of your planned switch.

Just so you know, you can't take out an overdraft, pay in cash or cheques, or make international payments from your Chase current account.

Start your switch by heading to the app and tapping on Profile.

What'll be switched across to Chase?

We'll automatically move your Direct Debits, standing orders and scheduled payments to us. They'll be paid out from your Chase account when the switch is finished. For three years after you switch, any payments accidentally made to your old account will be automatically redirected to us.

But, we won't move any card subscriptions – you'll need to manually add your Chase card details to your subscriptions. 

What type of account can I switch to Chase?

You can switch a current account from any other bank that's signed up to the Current Account Switch Service. You can't switch a joint or business current account for now.

What happens if my switch is rejected?

If your application to switch is rejected, you'll see an error in the app. You'll also receive an email from us – it has all the info about why we couldn't complete it.

I want to switch, but can't access my Chase app

If you can't access your app, please call our Support Team on 0800 376 333 and they'll help you switch. 

What happens to my other bank account?

You'll still be able to use your other current account during the seven-day switch window. After that, we'll ask your old bank to close your account. 

Can I switch my current account to Chase if I'm overdrawn with my other bank?

You can still switch your current account to Chase, but your overdraft won't come to us. You'll need to contact your old bank so they can let you know how to deal with your overdraft.

Why has my balance been sent across in multiple payments?

Some banks have individual payment limits so, if your balance is greater than this limit, they will send your balance across in multiple payments.

What happens to my salary?

We'll tell your employer about your new account details, but you should also double check they've made the changes to their systems. 

I've got more questions about switching

You'll find more info on the switching process in the help and support (Opens in new window) section of the Current Account Switch Service website.

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