Switching to Chase

If you want to switch from another bank to Chase, you can try our manual switching process, or do most of it yourself by following the steps below.

Opening a Chase account

First thing's first, you'll need to open a Chase account. If you haven't already, head to the App Store or Google Play to download the Chase app. Go to the app and follow the instructions given to open your Chase account.

Our manual switch process

Chase is not currently part of the Current Account Switching Service (CASS), but we can offer a manual switch process that begins when you fill out and return a switch request form.

A manual switch will take a minimum of 12 days, and you may find it quicker to follow the steps below instead.

Please also note that Chase accounts can't receive international payments or CHAPS payments, and we're also unable to accept payments made by cheque.

Requesting a manual switch

Once your Chase account is up and running, you can fill out our switching form to request that we help you transfer your balance, along with any payment arrangements, from your old bank.

To begin a switch, you'll need to download and fill out a switch request form (Opens in new window), then send it to us at

Chase UK

PO Box 17507,


EH12 1PX

Please note that our switching process depends on your other bank responding in a timely manner – we encourage you to contact them separately, informing them of your intention to switch.

The next steps

Once we've received your switch request form, we'll begin the switching process. We can arrange for the available balance of your old bank account to be transferred to Chase, along with any payment arrangements such as direct debits and standing orders that you request.

Your switch will take a minimum of 12 working days, with the final switching date to be agreed upon by you, Chase, and your old bank.

Steps to do the switch yourself

Switching your salary

If you want to have your salary paid into your new account, you'll need to contact your employer to let them know that you've switched banks.

You'll also need to provide your new account details to anyone else you receive money from, such as a pension provider. 

Switching your Direct Debits

Contact anyone that you pay by Direct Debit and let them know your new account details. Ask when the next payment will be taken and make sure that you have enough money in your Chase account to cover it. 

To make sure you don't pay twice, go to your old bank account and cancel any Direct Debits you've moved to Chase. 

Switching your standing orders

Contact your old bank and ask them to cancel your standing orders, then open the Chase app to set them up again.

Moving your balance

You can transfer your balance from your old bank to Chase at any time. You'll just need your new sort code and account number.


If you have any monthly subscriptions like streaming platforms or magazines, you may also wish to contact these providers and ask them to take payment from your new Chase card.

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