Monthly cashback offer

Here's what you need to know about our monthly cashback offer. If you're a new customer looking for information on our 1% cashback offer, you'll find that here.

See the terms and conditions, including the cashback exceptions.

How do I qualify?

Pay in at least £500 to your Chase current account by the end of the month to qualify (excludes internal transfers.) Once qualified, you can then earn 1% cashback – up to £15 a month – on your everyday debit card spending the following month, for up to 12 months. Exceptions and T&Cs apply.

For example, if you pay in £500 between 1 and 30 April, you can get cashback on May’s eligible debit card spending.

To check if you've qualified, open the app and go to 'Rewards' then tap 'Monthly cashback'.

What payments count towards qualification?

Money you or someone else pays into your Chase current account from another account will generally count. To get technical, any payment that uses either Bacs or the Faster Payments Service (FPS) should be eligible.

Internal transfers between your Chase current accounts, saver accounts or rewards balance won’t count towards qualification.

When can I start earning with monthly cashback?

You can start earning with monthly cashback once your initial 1% cashback offer ends.

For example, if your initial 1% cashback offer ends on 17 July, you can start earning with monthly cashback on 18 July – providing at least £500 was paid in to your current account in June.

You'll find monthly cashback in your offers in the app about a couple of months before your initial 1% cashback offer ends – giving you time to qualify.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

You can earn up to £15 cashback each month with monthly cashback. In other words, if you qualify you can earn 1% cashback on your first £1,500 of eligible debit card spending each month.

Can I opt out?

If you don’t want to receive monthly cashback, you can opt out of all rewards in the app. Go to 'Rewards', tap 'Monthly cashback', tap 'FAQs', scroll down and tap 'Opt out'. If you opt out, you'll lose any pending cashback.

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