Changing your legal name

If you've changed your name and would like us to update your details, please send us a copy of any of these documents:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Civil partnership certificate
  • Driving licence
  • A valid signed passport showing the signature page
  • Deed poll, stamped as enrolled by the High Court
  • Divorce Decree Absolute (if your maiden name is not included, we'll need another document)
  • Birth certificate and Divorce Decree Absolute (if you're changing back to your maiden name)
  • W-9 form, if you're a US Tax Resident

To send this to us, go to 'Support' in the app and tap the paper clip icon to attach a copy of the document, and send it to us with a short message.

We'll let you know once we've updated your details and sent you a new card. If you haven't used your physical card in the last 6 months, we won't automatically send you a new card.

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