My card is expiring – what happens next?

Your physical card for spending in person

If you've spent from your Chase account in the past 6 months, we'll send you a new physical card about a month before your current one expires. You'll hear from us by email and then we'll text when your new card is ready to be sent – so you can confirm whether we've got the right address for you or if it needs updating.

If it's been more than 6 months since you spent with us, we'll contact you by email and text to ask if you'd like a new physical card before we send one. You'll be able to order one from the app any time, just look out for the banner under 'My card'. If you choose not to order a new physical card, you'll still be able to spend with your new card details, which will automatically be updated in Apple Pay or Google PayTM.

Your card details for spending online

We'll update your card details automatically before they expire. Your card number will stay the same but you'll get a new expiry date and security code in the app. We'll text you to let you know when you've got new card details.

Do I need to update subscriptions and other services when I get new card details?

We recommend checking your subscriptions, and any other services where your card details are already stored, to make sure they have your updated payment details. Your card number will stay the same but you'll get a new expiry date and security code in the app.

Do I need to update  PayPal, Apple Pay or Google PayTM when I get a new card?

PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay will update automatically when you get a new card – so you don't need to do anything.

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How do I shop online if my card is numberless?

Payment and spending limits

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Adding Chase to Google Pay

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