What is proof of entitlement?

Sometimes, we may ask you for more information about money paid into your account, to comply with regulations.

Here are some of the documents you can send to us: 

  • Screenshots of messages about why money has been paid into your account, including dates, times and bank statements of the person who paid you
  • Copies of invoices or receipts, or proof of delivery for any goods relating to the money you've received
  • A copy of the V5C or log book showing change of keeper (trader or Individual), if the money is for selling your car
  • Payslips, if the money is related to your salary 
  • Letters from executors, if the money is from an inheritance

We aren't able to accept:

  • Screenshots of a transfer confirmation 
  • Paper bank statements that have not been stamped
  • Screenshots of messages without supporting bank statements
  • Hand written letters

You can send proof of entitlement to us in the app. Just head to ‘Support’ to send us a message and tap the paperclip icon to upload your documents.

Why has my payment been held?

Pending payments

Pending card transaction

Confirmation of Payee

Making a complaint