Why has my payment been held?

To help protect our customers' accounts, we may hold a payment for further checks if it looks unusual.

How will I know if you're holding a payment?

If we hold a payment, we'll:

  1. Send you a message asking you to contact us
  2. Show a banner at the top of 'Home' in the app – tap this to see your options
  3. Highlight the payment under 'All activity' in the app – tap it to see your options

What are my options if a payment is held?

To see your options, go to 'All activity' in the app and tap the payment. You can then either:

  • Tap 'Call us' to give us the details we need to send the payment
  • or, tap 'Cancel payment' if you no longer want to send it

Will I see cancelled payments in my activity?

No. The payment will be returned to your account and won't appear in your transactions.

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How long will it take for a refund to show up on my account?

Pending payments