Confirmation of Payee

What is it?

Confirmation of Payee is a service that some banks use to check a new payee's account name, account number and sort code automatically. It lets the customer know if the payee details they've entered all match up, so they can have extra confidence their money is going to the right person.

Does Chase use Confirmation of Payee when I add a new payee?

Yes, we check the new payee’s details as soon as you submit them. We do this behind the scenes and within seconds, you’ll know if the details are correct or not. If the details aren’t quite right, we'll show you what we found and ask you to double-check everything before going any further.

And if we think your money may be at risk, we’ll tell you that too.

Remember, it’s best not to add the payee if you have any concerns at all – it may be difficult to get your money back.

Will other banks carry out Confirmation of Payee checks when someone pays me?

Yes, if the other bank uses the service too. If someone is paying you it's important to give them your full and correct account details. This way, they can get immediate confirmation that the payment is OK to send.

Can I opt out?

You can opt out of having your account details checked when someone pays you from another bank. To do so, simply contact us in the app and ask. If you opt out, anyone sending you money from a participating bank will see a message saying your details can’t be checked or confirmed. You can ask to opt back in at any time.

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