Switching from Chase

You can now use the Current Account Switch Service to switch your Chase current account to another UK bank. We'll automatically transfer your account balance, Direct Debits and standing orders to the other bank too.

Just so you know, if you've got just one current account with us, switching will close your relationship with Chase. If you'd like to switch from Chase, but still bank with us, you'll need to add another current account before you start your switch. 

To add another account in the Chase app, tap 'Add +' on Home, and follow the steps.

Why has my switch been rejected?

If your application to switch has been rejected, you should've received an email from us – it has all the info about why we couldn't complete it.

Will I still get interest on my current account while the switch is happening?

Yes, you'll still get your usual interest until the day we transfer your balance to the other bank. We'll pay any interest out along with your balance.

How can I leave Chase?

Please wait until your switch is complete, then close your other accounts with us. When that's done, in the Chase app, go to 'Profile', 'Settings' and 'Leave Chase'.

Just so you know, we can't currently welcome you back to bank with us again if you leave.

Why has my balance been split into multiple payments?

As we have a limit of £25,000 for external bank transfers, if your balance is greater than this amount it will be split across multiple payments to your chosen bank account.

I've got more questions about switching

You'll find more info on the switching process in the help and support (Opens in new window) section of the Current Account Switch Service website.

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