How we work out your round-ups

To get round-ups you need a round-up account and to have round-ups unpaused. When you spend with your card, your spending will round up to the nearest pound. We move the difference to your round-up account. 

If the amount of your transaction changes later, we won't update your round-up. If you pay in a foreign currency, your transaction is converted to GBP by Mastercard. We use this GBP amount to work out your round ups.

A bit about interest

You earn 5% AER (variable, 4.89% gross) interest on your round-up account. It's calculated every day, and paid every month. AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate, so you'd earn 5% over the whole year if you didn't move money out.

This means, if we rounded up £10 for you on your first day, you'd earn £0.50 in interest over the year. If you rounded up nothing else, you'd have £10.50 at the end of the year.

Adding money from another bank

How your balance is calculated

Sharing your account details

Opening more accounts

Managing round-ups