Opening, having or closing a round-up account

You can open a round-up account to round up each card transaction to the nearest pound. The change will go to the round-up account, where a 5% AER (4.89% gross) variable interest rate will be applied. You can't pay into a round-up account any other way or spend from it directly.

If you're ready to open one, just:

  • Go to 'Save & Invest' on Home
  • Tap 'Add +' in Savings and choose 'Round-up account'
  • Carefully read and accept the terms & conditions to open the account

We'll then round up all of your card spending across your accounts and move the change here. You'll receive a 5% AER interest boost on your round-up account, paid to you monthly. Go to your round-up account menu to pause round-ups or close the account at any time. Pausing your round-ups won't pause your interest - just whether you round up. Your round-up account can't be the last account you have with us. 

Every year we'll reset your round-up account by transferring the balance to your chosen Chase current account. This happens one year after you open the account. You'll keep rounding up and getting interest on your new round-up account balance, without having to do anything.

See how much you've rounded up with each transaction

There are two ways to see how much you've rounded up with each eligible card transaction.

  1. On 'Home', scroll down to 'All activity'. Then, tap on the transaction and scroll down to 'Details'.
  2. On 'Home', tap on any of your current accounts. In 'All activity', you can see your round-ups above each eligible transaction.

T&Cs apply

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