Contactless card transaction limits

When you make contactless payments with your numberless card, some limits will apply to help protect your account.

Single transaction limit

The limit for a single contactless card transaction is £100. This is the most you can pay in one go by tapping your card.

For anything over £100, you'll need to use Chip & PIN.

Bear in mind some merchants could have their own limit under £100.

Multiple transactions limit

The limit for multiple contactless card transactions is £300. This is how much you can reach with consecutive contactless payments before having to use Chip & PIN.

Once you use Chip & PIN, the limit will reset and you can pay with contactless again.

Can I see my spending limits?

You can see your limits in the Chase app. Go to 'Home' and tap the profile icon in the top-left corner, then tap 'Spending limits'.

Can I switch off contactless payments?

Yes. Simply open the app, go to 'Home' and tap 'See card', then 'Manage card',  'Card controls', 'Contactless' and then 'Switch off contactless payments'. You can switch them back on anytime. You'll need to use Chip & PIN in a card machine or cash machine to make sure it reactivates.

What about Apple Wallet or Google Wallet?

For contactless payments without spending limits, add your Chase card to Apple Wallet or Google Walletᵀᴹ.

Apple Wallet is a trademark of Apple Inc. 

Google Wallet is a trademark of Google LLC.

Adding Chase to Apple Wallet

Adding Chase to Google Pay

Adding Chase to PayPal

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