Adding a gambling block

If you want to prevent your card being used for gambling transactions, you can apply a gambling block from within the app:

  1. Tap ‘See card’ on Home
  2. Tap 'Manage card'
  3. Tap 'Card controls'
  4. Tap 'Gambling' and then 'Switch off gambling'

Whenever we identify a gambling transaction, we'll automatically block it. If a transaction isn't identified as a gambling transaction, we won't be able to block it. Lottery tickets bought at supermarkets, or cash withdrawals from casino ATMs won't be blocked, for example. The block should work for things like betting shops, casinos, and online gambling. 

If you want to remove an active gambling block, we'll ask you to contact our customer care team first. Once you've spoken to one of our agents, there will be a 48-hour delay before you can use your card for gambling again. 

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