Hacks to help clean your home and save money

4 min | 16 January 2023

Emmy Jenkins

Wouldn’t it be nice to get that squeaky clean feeling with habits that save money and reduce your carbon footprint? Upgrading your cleaning methods can help you to save money, go green and freshen up your home.

Big ways to cut cleaning costs

Buy in bulk

Buying cleaning products in bulk can be better for the environment, as you may be able to use less packaging and fewer bottles. By purchasing a five-litre bottle of washing up liquid, you can refill a standard 450ml bottle 11 times, which means you could use up to 47% less plastic.

Plus, buying in bulk can work out to be cheaper. In some cases, you could save more than 40% per unit by choosing the larger option.

Products you can buy in bulk can include cleaning sprays, washing-up liquid, laundry liquid and hand soap.

Get products on a subscription

Some popular online marketplaces and retailers may offer 5–15% discounts if you order your cleaning products on subscription.

Also, look for introductory deals. Some subscription-based cleaning product companies will offer free trials of their products or discounts for first purchases.

Make your own cleaning products

Some kitchen cupboard staples have multipurpose uses.

Take white vinegar, for example. Not only is it great for salad dressing, but it’s also a powerful cleaning agent. If you don’t already have some at home, you can find it at a supermarket.

Baking soda is another magical cleaner. It’s incredible for tough stains, musty smells and clingy grime. You might already have some lurking with the baking ingredients in your cupboard.

The internet and social media have lots of DIY recipes for making cleaning products using everyday ingredients.

Look up DIY cleaning recipes for the following:

  • kitchen cleaning sprays
  • limescale remover
  • wood polish
  • bathroom cleaning sprays
  • laundry detergent
  • washing-up liquid
  • carpet cleaner
  • upholstery shampoo and more

Here are some quick, cost-effective hacks for stains and smells:

  • A good rinse – Pop heavily soiled or stained soft furnishings on a short, cold rinse before washing
  • White vinegar – 50/50 white vinegar and water makes a great stain remover. Wash with laundry soap and water after treatment
  • Washing-up liquid – For oil-based stains, rub washing-up liquid into the mark and let it set for 20 minutes. The degreaser in the liquid lifts the stain before you put it in the washing machine
  • Rubbing alcohol – If you get ink or pen marks on material, soak the stain in rubbing alcohol for 15 minutes before washing it (be careful storing this, as it's highly flammable)
  • Toothpaste – Apply a small amount of toothpaste to marks on painted walls. Rub with a clean cloth, and it usually disappears
  • Baking soda – For a non-greasy carpet stain, sprinkle baking soda on the affected patch. Spray hot water on the area and leave it for three hours. Vacuum it once it's dry
  • Room spray – If your house smells musty, fill up a spray bottle with three parts water and one part rubbing alcohol. Add 10-20 drops of your favourite essential oils, such as eucalyptus, lavender, or lemongrass. Spray the mixture liberally on soft furnishings

Wash clothes consciously

  • If your laundry isn’t heavily soiled, drop your washing machine temperature from 40°C to 30°C, you’ll use 38% less energy. Remember this simple rule: “if it’s not dirty, wash it at thirty” (unless your washing machine manufacture recommends a different temperature)
  • If you have access to outdoor space for drying, clean big, heavy items when the sun is shining so you can hang them on the line
  • Wash upholstery, rugs and soft furnishings when you do your spring clean to take advantage of the nicer weather
  • Consider getting a heated airer, as it can use less energy than a tumbler dryer

Try a manual sweeper

You can cut down on vacuuming with a manual sweeper or broom to get the day-to-day dust and debris off your floors without using any electricity. There are also other ways to make your home more energy efficient.

Your home is your sanctuary

A clean home can bring a feeling of peace. Use these tips to clean your home and feel virtuous.

Disclaimer: This article is for advice only. Please check any cleaning method on a small area first to test that it won’t damage your furnishings.

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