Rewarding banking with Apple Pay

Chase and Apple Pay – rewarding banking, with a quick and safe way to pay. 

Fast contactless payments without the £100 limit

Easy and rewarding. Add your Chase debit card to Apple Pay for quick and secure payments in stores, apps, and online. You can get 1% cashback on your everyday debit card spending, too1.

  • Look for the Apple Pay or contactless logo

Why use Apple Pay?

  • It's secure. Your card info isn’t stored on your device or shared when you pay 
  • It's simple. Check out easily with a few taps on your Apple device
  • It's fast. Pay online and in apps with Apple Pay and you'll no longer have to create an account or fill out lengthy forms 

How to add your card using the Chase app

Follow these simple steps to get started.

Step 1In the Chase app, tap the card on 'Home'
Step 2Tap 'Add to Apple Wallet' and follow the on-screen instructions
Step 3That's it. You're all set!

Here's a little more detail

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