Chase Rewarding Futures

Our UK initiative investing in a series of community-based programmes to make a positive and measurable impact on people’s lives.

Launching our first programme

Discovering a love of reading can shape a child’s life – that’s why we’re committing an initial £1m towards children’s literacy.

Children across the UK are facing barriers to reading

As it stands, school libraries across the country face a severe lack of investment.

Research (Opens in new window) from the National Literacy Trust found that 1 in 4 schools in England’s most underserved communities don't have a library or reading spaces – that's compared to a national average of 1 in 8 schools.

We want to spark a love of reading at an early age

Developing early-stage reading skills has a positive impact on young children's future prospects, increasing their chance of success later in life – that's in terms of employability and boosted earnings. 

Investing in children’s literacy with a £1m commitment

With an initial £1m commitment, we'll transform 150 primary school libraries, and improve access to books and reading materials – reaching around 35,000 school children, and supporting 21,000 families and carers in 7 underserved communities across the UK.

Partnering to inspire

Together with our partners, we aim to instil a love of reading, improve literacy skills, and help young people reach their potential. 

We'll focus on driving change, both in schools and at home – and we'll empower families and carers with the tools and resources they need to encourage children to read. 

Boosting literacy and the economy

If all children read more for enjoyment, the UK could see an estimated £4.6 billion boost to GDP per year, within a generation. 

Source: Research from NLT, 2021

A few words from our CEO

Here’s what CEO of Chase in the UK, Sanoke Viswanathan, has to say about the first programme through our Chase Rewarding Futures initiative:

“Developing early-stage reading skills and discovering a love of reading can shape a child’s life, unlock their potential, and help improve their future prospects. Building on JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s decades-long support for local communities in the UK, we’re excited about championing primary schools at a time when they need it most.”

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