Engineering at Chase UK

Become part of the team helping us on our journey to develop a best-in-class banking experience for our customers.

Why choose us?

Throw your expectations of working at a bank out the window. We're here to develop an offering that puts our customers at the centre – how we do that is up to us. That's why we build lots of things from scratch, we're into flexible, agile working, and our dress code is smart casual.

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We build from the ground up

As a greenfield bank, our engineers create from the bottom up – so you can bring new solutions to the table and influence the way we do things. 

We do it as a team

We're proud to work in a collaborative and trusting environment. We encourage diversity of thought and ask everyone to bring their unique personality to the table. 

We experiment to improve

Our engineers build and maintain the tech that helps us deliver the best-in-class banking experience we're aiming for. We need to constantly innovate – so we're after people striving to improve, learn and grow.

The interview process

It's nice to know what to expect when applying for a new role. So here's a top-line look at how our hiring process would work for you. 


Check out our jobs board, search for the role you're after, then submit your application.
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Interview and tech assessment

We loved your application and can't wait to meet you. We'll let you know what to expect and if you need to prepare anything. Good luck! 


You were great and we want you in the team. But first, as part of joining Chase, you'll need to pass some background checks before you start.

You're in!

Nice one, you did it! We'll help you prepare for your first few weeks – you'll be settled in no time.

Keen to know more?

Delve deeper into who we are and where we've come from.

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