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2 min | 14 February 2022

Since we launched in September, we've been delighted that so many of you have joined us. We've been busy launching new features and offers, including 3% cashback on Amazon over the recent festive period, the round-up account, Google Pay and the Chase Octagon. We love hearing your feedback, and many of you have told us you'd like to know more about what's coming up. So here's a preview of what 2022 has in store.

Bills and Direct Debits

Top of the list for releases has always been Direct Debits. Typically used for things like bills, topping up payment services and more, Direct Debits make it easier to stay on top of your regular payments. Lots of you have been asking for them and we're looking forward to seeing how you use them. They'll be with you in March, but you can already use your Chase account for standing orders and subscriptions.

Savings and investments

You can already get 5% AER* on your round-ups with Chase, but in Spring we’ll be introducing a new savings option. We'll let you know more about that soon. You might have seen that JPMorgan Chase acquired Nutmeg last year, one of the leading UK digital wealth management platforms. We're working closely with our colleagues and we'll reveal all later this year.

A rewarding experience

We'll be bringing you more cashback offers this year and extending our rewards programme into other areas after our successful 3% Amazon offer. If you're signed up for an account, keep an eye on the app as you'll be the first to hear about new offers.

Checks when you send and receive money

Soon we'll be part of Confirmation of Payee, which can help stop certain types of fraud. It's the UK-wide system that checks the account name when you try to pay someone new, so your money gets where it's supposed to go. So when you pay into your Chase account, you'll be able to verify the details before you pay.

Once again, thank you for choosing to bank with us and giving us invaluable feedback. Please do keep telling us what features you'd like to see next, and keep a look out for more news coming soon.

*4.89% gross variable, paid monthly. T&Cs apply

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