Take to the high road ­– or the high seas

4 min | 16 October 2023

Janice Warman
Janice Warman

Some people are leaving office life behind and choosing to make a living on the road. We show you how you can follow suit.

There are lots of ways to earn a living while travelling, whether in your home country or abroad. You can theoretically work from almost anywhere in the world with a decent WiFi connection and the appropriate work visa. Perhaps you can take your existing job remote. Some companies are happy for you to do the work wherever you are.

Sell handmade products in an Etsy shop. Work in remote customer service. Practice photography, selling your photos as stock footage online.

You could choose to become a vlogger. You could teach English online or in person. You could even run a business on the road.

Bob Wells is a well-known vanlifer in the US. He lives off his retirement income and also makes money from his lifestyle videos.

British-born Janine and Liam Day of Those Happy Days started van-dwelling by buying a small van in New Zealand and travelling between orchards and vineyards to do farm work. Now they have a roomier campervan called Morgan and travel mostly in the UK. In one video, they explained how they earn a living:

  • Advertising revenue from their videos
  • Sponsorship
  • Building a social media profile, which brings new opportunities
  • Their vegan food business
  • Commission from their online shop

Take to the ocean

The other – and arguably more adventurous – way of travelling while earning is to go to sea. The initial outlay is bigger, although one option is to buy a virtual wreck and do it up.

Australians Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu met in 2014, when they were both travelling in Europe, and he invited her to go sailing. Neither were experienced sailors. Now they sail the world with two children and live on income from their business, including their video channel.

“I probably had spent 10 hours sailing on a friend’s boat about 10 years before I bought my boat,” 34-year-old Riley told CNN. Elayna makes and edits the videos for their channel and has also designed a line of swimwear.

In 2009, Brian Trautman of Sailing SV Delos quit his job as a software analyst to sail the world. He started sailing with his family and friends but is now married with a child. He too makes money by posting videos on his channel and has a large following.

So, if you're tired of your commute, job and high outgoings, you may like to join these travellers on the high road – or the high seas. That way, you might be able to continue to earn a living in perhaps a more vibrant and exciting environment.

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